Workgroup Queues Component

Since v7.2.0 tigase can now implement workgroup queues as specified in XEP-0142: Workgroup Queues. This specification allows for a managed orderly queue to a chatroom, like setting up a service window with a first-come-first-serve system.

1. Configuration

Enabling workgroup queues requires the following to be set in your config.tdsl file.

wg(class: tigase.workgroupqueues.WorkgroupQueuesComponent) {
    'default-muc-domain' = muc.atlantiscity
Be sure Tigase MUC component is active as it is required by wg component.

wg has a couple of different paremeters that can be passed, default-muc-domain is required. The other two are optional.

1.1. default-muc-domain

This specifies the vHost of the MUC component to be used with the workgroup. Note this MUC domain needs to be independantly configured. It can be the default domain, or a specalized vhost domain.

    'default-muc-domain' = ''

1.2. scheduler-class

The name of a custom scheduler class if one needs to be implemented. This is optional if you are using the non-default scheduler.

    'scheduler-class' = 'tigase.workgrouqueues.scheduler.DummyScheduler'

1.3. invite-bot-jid

Specifies the JID of a bot that will be invited immediatley after user joins the queue. When configured, the MUC room created when a user joins the queue the bot JID listed will be invited to the MUC. This is an optional configuration.

wg(class: tigase.workgroupqueues.WorkgroupQueuesComponent) {
    'invite-bot-jid' = ''

2. A word about this component

Please note that this component. * Currently only in memory storage is used, so there is no persistence in queues between sessions. * There may also be issues in cluster mode with the workgroup queues, errors may occur.