Chapter 5. Configuration

Table of Contents

Support for XEP-0136
Enabling Jingle call archive
Enabling login history

To enable Tigase Unified Archive Component you need to add following block to etc/ file:

unified-archive () {

It will enable component and configure it under name unified-archive. By default it will also use database configured as default data source to store data.

Due to fact that Tigase Unified Archive component is extended version of Tigase Message Archiving component it shares configuration properties.

Every configuration property of message-archive component may be set to unified-archive component. In same way every configuration property of message-archive processor may be set to unified-archive processor.

Support for XEP-0136

To be able to use Unified Archive component with XEP-0136: Message Archiving protocol, you additionally need to enable unified-message-archive-xep-0136 SessionManager processor:

sess-man {
    unified-message-archive-xep-0136 () {