Class PresenceSubscribeOutgoingFilter

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    public class PresenceSubscribeOutgoingFilter
    extends AbstractSpamFilter
    This class just filters outgoing presence-subscribe requests. For better SPAM filtering please use PresenceSubscribeFilter.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PresenceSubscribeOutgoingFilter

        public PresenceSubscribeOutgoingFilter()
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      • getId

        public java.lang.String getId()
        Description copied from interface: SpamFilter
        Method returns ID of a filter
      • getSpamProbability

        public double getSpamProbability()
        Description copied from interface: SpamFilter
        Method returns probability of detection of a spammer. If value is closer to 1 this means that it is more likely that sender of stanza marked by this filter as a spam is a spammer and should be blocked. This value is used by ResultsAwareSpamFilter implementation to decide if sender of a stanza should be blocked (ie. using number of blocked messages within a period of time and spammer detection probability returned by this method.
        values between 0 and 1
      • filterPacket

        protected boolean filterPacket​(tigase.server.Packet packet,
                                       tigase.xmpp.XMPPResourceConnection session)
        Specified by:
        filterPacket in class AbstractSpamFilter