• Class Name: tigase.socks5.verifiers.LimitsVerifier

Uses the database to store limits and record the amount of data transferred VIA the proxy.

Configuring limits

Following properties are possible to be set for LimitsVerifier:

proxy {
    'verifier-class' = 'tigase.socks5.verifiers.LimitsVerifier'
    tigase.socks5.verifiers.LimitsVerifier {
        'transfer-update-quantization' = '1000'
        'instance-limit' = '3000'

Parameters for LimitsVerifier which will override the defaults. All of these limits are on a per calendar month basis. For example, a user is limited to 10MB for all transfers. If he transfers 8MB between the 1st and the 22nd, he only has 2MB left in his limit. On the 1st of the following month, his limit is reset to 10MB.

Available parameters:

  • transfer-update-quantization which value is used to quantitize value to check if value of transferred bytes should be updated in database or not. By default it is 1MB. (Low value can slow down file transfer while high value can allow to exceed quota)
  • global-limit - Transfer limit for all domains in MB per month.
  • instance-limit - Transfer limit for server instance in MB per month.
  • default-domain-limit - The Default transfer limit per domain in MB per month.
  • default-user-limit - The default transfer limit per user in MB per month.
  • default-file-limit - The default transfer limit per file in MB per month.


Low values can slow down file transfers, while high values can allow for users to exceed quotas.

Individual Limits

Using the default database schema in table tig_socks5_users limits can be specified for individual users.

Value of the field user_id denotes the scope of the limitation:

  • domain_name defines limits for users which JIDs are within that domain;
  • JID of the user defines limit for this exact user.

Value of the limit bigger than 0 defines an exact value. If value is equal 0 limit is not override and more global limit is used. If value equals -1 proxy will forbid any transfer for this user. It there is no value for user in this table new row will be created during first transfer and limits for domain or global limits will be used.

Socks5 database is setup in this manner:

Table 1. tig_socks5_users

uid user_id sha1_user_id domain sha1_domain filesize_limit transfer_limit_per_user transfer_limit_per_domain













This example table shows that is limited to 3000MB per transfer whereas all users of are limited to a max file size of 500MB. This table will populate as users transfer files using the SOCKS5 proxy, once it begins population, you may edit it as necessary. A second database is setup tig_socks5_connections that records the connections and transmissions being made, however it does not need to be edited.