Chapter 1. Overview

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Database Preparation
Edit Existing Database
Create New Database

Tigase Socks5 Proxy is implementation of Socks5 proxy described in XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams, in section 6. Mediated Connection which provides support for Socks5 proxy for file transfers between XMPP client behind NATs to Tigase XMPP Server.


Tigase SOCKS5 component comes built into the dist-max archives for Tigase XMPP server, and requires the component to be listed in config.tdsl file:

proxy {}

You will also need to decide if you wish to use database-based features or not. If you wish to simply run the socks5 proxy without features such as quotas, limits add the following line:

proxy {
    'verifier-class' = 'tigase.socks5.verifiers.DummyVerifier'

This will enable the SOCKS5 Proxy without any advanced features. If you wish to use those features, see the configuration section below.