Package tigase.sys

Class TigaseRuntime

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public abstract class TigaseRuntime extends Object
Created: Feb 19, 2009 12:15:02 PM
Artur Hefczyc
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  • Constructor Details

    • TigaseRuntime

      protected TigaseRuntime()
  • Method Details

    • getNativeMemoryTracking

      @Deprecated public static Optional<NativeMemoryTracking> getNativeMemoryTracking()
    • getNativeMemoryTracking

      public static Optional<NativeMemoryTracking> getNativeMemoryTracking(tigase.sys.NativeMemoryTracking.SCALE scale)
    • getTigaseRuntime

      public static TigaseRuntime getTigaseRuntime()
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
    • getMemoryPoolMXBeans

      public Map<String,MemoryPoolMXBean> getMemoryPoolMXBeans()
    • getOldMemPool

      public MemoryPoolMXBean getOldMemPool()
    • addCPULoadListener

      public abstract void addCPULoadListener(CPULoadListener cpuListener)
    • addMemoryChangeListener

      public abstract void addMemoryChangeListener(MemoryChangeListener memListener)
    • addOnlineJidsReporter

      public abstract void addOnlineJidsReporter(OnlineJidsReporter onlineReporter)
    • addShutdownHook

      public abstract void addShutdownHook(ShutdownHook hook)
    • getConnectionIdsForJid

      public abstract JID[] getConnectionIdsForJid(JID jid)
    • getCPUsNumber

      public int getCPUsNumber()
    • getCPUState

      public ResourceState getCPUState()
    • getCPUUsage

      public float getCPUUsage()
    • getDirectMemUsed

      public long getDirectMemUsed()
    • getGcStatistics

      public String getGcStatistics()
    • getHeapMemMax

      public long getHeapMemMax()
      We try to return OLD memory pool size as this is what is the most interesting to us. If this is not possible then we return total Heap size.
      a value of long
    • getHeapMemUsage

      public float getHeapMemUsage()
    • getHeapMemUsed

      public long getHeapMemUsed()
      We try to return OLD memory pool size as this is what is the most interesting to us. If this is not possible then we return total Heap used.
      a value of long
    • getLoadAverage

      public double getLoadAverage()
    • getMemoryState

      public ResourceState getMemoryState()
    • getNonHeapMemMax

      public long getNonHeapMemMax()
    • getNonHeapMemUsage

      public float getNonHeapMemUsage()
    • getNonHeapMemUsed

      public long getNonHeapMemUsed()
    • getProcessCPUTime

      public long getProcessCPUTime()
    • getThreadsNumber

      public int getThreadsNumber()
    • getUptime

      public long getUptime()
    • getUptimeString

      public String getUptimeString()
    • hasCompleteJidsInfo

      public abstract boolean hasCompleteJidsInfo()
    • isJidOnline

      public abstract boolean isJidOnline(JID jid)
    • isJidOnlineLocally

      public abstract boolean isJidOnlineLocally(BareJID jid)
    • isJidOnlineLocally

      public abstract boolean isJidOnlineLocally(JID jid)
    • removeShutdownHook

      public abstract void removeShutdownHook(ShutdownHook hook)
    • getOldGenName

      public String getOldGenName()
    • shutdownTigase

      public void shutdownTigase(String[] msg)
    • shutdownTigase

      public void shutdownTigase(String[] msg, int exitCode)