Class UnsubscribeModule

All Implemented Interfaces:
Module, Initializable, UnregisterAware

@Bean(name="unsubscribe", active=true) public class UnsubscribeModule extends AbstractEventBusModule implements Initializable, UnregisterAware
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  • Constructor Details

    • UnsubscribeModule

      public UnsubscribeModule()
  • Method Details

    • beforeUnregister

      public void beforeUnregister()
      Description copied from interface: UnregisterAware
      Method called before bean unregister.
      Specified by:
      beforeUnregister in interface UnregisterAware
    • getFeatures

      public String[] getFeatures()
      Description copied from interface: Module
      Returns XMPP features offered by module. Features will be returned by Service Discovery.
      Specified by:
      getFeatures in interface Module
      array of features or null.
    • getModuleCriteria

      public Criteria getModuleCriteria()
      Description copied from interface: Module
      Returns critera used by Component to select module to handle incoming stanza.
      Specified by:
      getModuleCriteria in interface Module
      criteria of selecting module.
    • initialize

      public void initialize()
      Description copied from interface: Initializable
      Method will be called, when bean will be created, configured and ready to use.
      Specified by:
      initialize in interface Initializable
    • process

      public void process(Packet packet) throws ComponentException, TigaseStringprepException
      Description copied from interface: Module
      Process incoming stanza.
      Specified by:
      process in interface Module
      packet - received stanza.
      ComponentException - if stanza can't be processed correctly. ComponentException is converted to error stanza and returned to stanza sender.
      TigaseStringprepException - if there was an error during stringprep processing.
    • onRemoveHandler

      protected void onRemoveHandler(String eventPackage, String eventName)
    • sendUnsubscribeRequest

      protected void sendUnsubscribeRequest(String to, Collection<Element> subscriptionElement)