Using older non-annotation based implementation

The class declaration should look like this (assuming you are implementing just the packet processor):

public class Message extends XMPPProcessor
   implements XMPPProcessorIfc

The first thing to create is the plugin ID like above.

A plugin informs about it’s ID using following code:

private static final String ID = "message";
public String id() { return ID; }

As mentioned before this plugin receives only this kind of packets for processing which it is interested in. In this example, the plugin is interested only in packets with <message/> elements and only if they are in "jabber:client" namespace. To indicate all supported elements and namespaces we have to add 2 more methods:

public String[] supElements() {
  return new String[] {"message"};

public String[] supNamespaces()	{
  return new String[] {"jabber:client"};