Setting XMPP user status

By default XMPP user is visible as unavailable when his client is disconnected. However in some cases we may want to present user a active with some particular presence being set. To control this presence of unavailable XMPP user we can use this feature.

Example contents shown below needs to be sent to (by default) http://localhost:8080/rest/user/{user-jid}/status?api-key=API_KEY, where:

  • API_KEY is the API key for HTTP API
  • {user-jid} is a bare jid of the user for which you want to set presence.


You may add /{resource} to the URL after /status part, where {resource} is name of the resource for which you want to set presence.


You need to add 'user-status-endpoint@http.{clusterNode}' to the list of trusted jids to allow UserStatusEndpoint module to properly integrate with Tigase XMPP Server.