Shutting Down Tigase

Although Tigase XMPP Server can be terminated by ending the process, it is preferred and recommended to use it’s own shutdown scripts instead. Not only does this allow for a proper purge of Tigase form the system, but allows for all shutdown functions to operate, such as amending logs and completing statistics. To trigger a shutdown of Tigase server, the following command can be used from the tigase directory:

./scripts/ stop

You may specify the config file if you want, but it will make no differences

This will:

Shutdown statistics

Upon shutdown, statistics for the server’s runtime will be appended to the log file. For a description of the statistics and what they mean, refer to the Statistics Description portion of the documentation.

Shutdown StackTrace Dump

To aid with troubleshooting purposes, the full stacktrace will be dumped to a seperate file located at $serverdir/logs/threads-dump.log.# Stacktrace logs will follow the same log file numbering scheme described in Log file description.

This feature is enabled by default, however you may disable this by adding the following to your config.tdsl file:

'shutdown-thread-dump' = false

Shutting Down Cluster Nodes

Starting with v8.0.0 you can now shut down individual cluster nodes without shutting down the whole server. This command will use the SeeOtherHost strategy to direct traffic to other nodes and update the cluster map to gracefully shut down the single node

Shutting down individual nodes can be done VIA Ad-hoc command and fill out the response forms. The command is available from message-router as