Tigase Custom Extensions

General features

Table 3.6. Monitoring




✓footnote:commercial[Requires commercial license]


Ability functionality to log important events in a system (loggins, message exchanges, calls)


Anti Abuse

Fight stanza SPAM, DoS, brute-force attacks and other threats

Virtual domains

Ability to create and manage multiple virtual domains from a single instance and restart-less management

MUC subscribe for offline push

Option to register permanently to the room to receive push notifications about new messages.

Scripting API

Supports the Java Scripting API JSR-223

JMX monitoring

Advanced monitoring the server via JMX protocol with an API for connecting custom monitors and TCP/IP end-point for connecting general purpose JMX tools

HTTP monitoring

Basic monitoring via HTTP protocol

XMPP Monitoring

Pluggable, active monitoring via XMPP, retrieving detailed server statistics, receiving automatic notifications about possible problems discovered by the self-monitor mechanisms

SNMP Monitoring

Advanced server monitoring via SNMP.

Bosh Cache

Bosh Session Cache - a feature to quickly reload user data - roster, presences and messages history by the web client (for example after web page reload)


Full clustering support for HA and LB with pluggabble clustering strategies for perfect optimising the cluster to the client’s system


Advanced Clustering Strategy

Dedicated, specialised clustering strategy for best possible performance


MUC Clustered

Support for clustering group chatrooms with various, pluggable strategies


PubSub Clustered

Support for clustering PubSub component with various, pluggable strategies

Mobile optimisations

Optimizations designed for Mobile Devices


Support for running in OSGi environment, i.e. as embedded XMPP server in advanced application server

Dynamic rosters

Ability to create users' rosters entries on the fly based on data retrieved from any sources

Command line admin tools

Commandline utility to manage server


Unified Archive

An extension to XEP-0313 Message Archive Management, with greatly improved flexibility in terms of what can be archived.


Table 3.7. Repositories/Databases




DB per domain

Ability to have multiple databases for specific domains.


Full support for PostgreSQL database with database schemas excluding dedicated DB schema for PubSub component


Full support for MySQL database with database schemas, dedicated DB schema for PubSub component

SQL Server

Full support for MS SQL Server database with database schemas excluding dedicated DB schema for PubSub component, only in Tigase server version 3.x

Derby DB

Full support for built-in Derby database with database schemas excluding dedicated DB schema for PubSub component


Support for all JDBC enabled databases, although the database schemas are available for some databases

Drupal Auth

Drupal authentication - the Tigase server can share user authentication database with Drupal CMS and authenticate users agains Drupal user database

Drupal Auth

Close integration with Drupal CMS, the Tigase can send notifications to subscribed users about new posts, comments and can also publish short news information via XMPP


LDAP Authentication Connector Supported