Class ErrorCounter

All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable<XMPPImplIfc>, XMPPImplIfc, XMPPPacketFilterIfc, XMPPProcessorConcurrencyAwareIfc

@Bean(name="error-counter", parent=SessionManager.class, active=false) public class ErrorCounter extends AnnotatedXMPPProcessor implements XMPPPacketFilterIfc
ErrorCounter class is implementation of XMPPProcessor responsible for counting packets with type=error which value is added to Tigase XMPP Server statistics.
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    • ErrorCounter

      public ErrorCounter()
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    • getStatistics

      public void getStatistics(StatisticsList list)
      Description copied from interface: XMPPImplIfc
      The method allows to retrieve plugin own statistics if it generates any.
      Specified by:
      getStatistics in interface XMPPImplIfc
      getStatistics in class XMPPProcessor
      list - is a statistics collection to which plugins own metrics can be added.
    • supElementNamePaths

      public String[][] supElementNamePaths()
      Description copied from interface: XMPPImplIfc
      Method supElementNamePaths returns an array of element names in form of a full path to the XML element for stanzas which can be processed by this plugin. Each element name path corresponds to XMLNS returned in array by supNamespaces() method. The element path itself is represented by a String array with each path element as a separate String.
      Specified by:
      supElementNamePaths in interface XMPPImplIfc
      supElementNamePaths in class AnnotatedXMPPProcessor
      a String[][] value is an array for element paths for which the plugin offers processing capabilities. Each path is in form of a String array in order to reduce parsing overhead.
    • filter

      public void filter(Packet packet, XMPPResourceConnection session, NonAuthUserRepository repo, Queue<Packet> results)
      Specified by:
      filter in interface XMPPPacketFilterIfc
    • process

      protected void process(Packet packet, XMPPResourceConnection session)