Package tigase.xmpp

Interface XMPPImplIfc

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ClientStateIndication.Logic, XMPPPacketFilterIfc, XMPPPostprocessorIfc, XMPPPreprocessorIfc, XMPPProcessorIfc, XMPPStopListenerIfc
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AbstractAuthPreprocessor, AbstractPushNotifications, AddressingSanitizer, AnnotatedXMPPProcessor, BindResource, BlockingCommand, CAPS, ClientStateIndication, DomainFilter, EntityTime, ErrorCounter, ExternalServiceDiscoveryProcessor, FlexibleOfflineMessageRetrieval, InvisibleCommand, JabberIqAuth, JabberIqCommand, JabberIqIq, JabberIqPrivacy, JabberIqPrivate, JabberIqRegister, JabberIqRoster, JabberIqStats, JabberIqVersion, Jingle, LastActivity, LastActivityAbstract, LastActivityMarker, Message, MessageAll, MessageAmp, MessageCarbons, MessageForwarding, MIXProcessor, MobileV1, MobileV2, MobileV3, MotdProcessor, OfflineMessages, PepPlugin, PresenceAbstract, PresenceOffline, PresenceState, PresenceSubscription, PushNotifications, RemoteRosterManagement, SaslAuth, SaslAuth2, SaslAuthAbstract, ServiceDiscovery, SessionBind, SessionManager.DefaultHandlerProc, SessionManager.SessionCloseProc, SessionManager.SessionOpenProc, SimpleForwarder, StartTLS, StartZLib, UrnXmppPing, VCard4, VCardTemp, VCardXMPPProcessorAbstract, XMPPProcessor, XMPPProcessorAbstract

public interface XMPPImplIfc extends Comparable<XMPPImplIfc>
This is a base interface for all session manager plugins. There are packet processing plugins, pre-processing, post-processing and packet filters. They all have a common basic methods which are defined here.
Created: Sat Oct 14 16:11:22 2006
Artur Hefczyc
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    • canHandle

      Authorization canHandle(Packet packet, XMPPResourceConnection conn)
      By default the method uses supElementNamePaths() and supTypes() method results to determine whether the plugin would process given packet. However, a plugin can implement own logic to determine packet processing capabilities or conditions. Please note, this method must be very fast and efficient. No I/O processing is recommended as it may impact performance of the whole system.
      packet - is a Packet for processing.
      conn - is a user session object or null.
      returns Authorization enum value or null. Null means the plugin is simply not processing the packet. Authorization.AUTHORIZED means the plugin can process the packet, any other Authorization enum value means an error which has to be returned to the sender.
    • concurrentQueuesNo

      default int concurrentQueuesNo()
      Methods returns a preferable number of threads/packets queues for the plugin. This number can be overwritten through configuration settings, however, a default value should be reasonably good for most standard installations. It is recommended to assign at least as much as twice a number of CPUs cores for I/O bound processing and number a number equal to CPUs cores for fast processing not slowed down by any I/O.
      an integer preferred number of processing threads for the plugin.
    • id

      String id()
      Method id returns a unique ID of the plugin. Each plugin has own, unique ID which is used in the configuration file to determine whether it needs to be loaded or not. In most cases the ID can be equal to XMLNS of the packages processed by the plugin.
      a String value
    • init

      @Deprecated void init(Map<String,Object> settings) throws TigaseDBException
      Method init is called just after the plugin has been loaded into memory. The idea behind this is to allow it to initialize or check the database. This might be especially useful for plugins which want to have a database access via non-standard stored procedures or need schema upgrade.
      settings - is a Map with initial processor settings from the configuration file.
    • supDiscoFeatures

      Element[] supDiscoFeatures(XMPPResourceConnection session)
      Method supDiscoFeatures returns an array of XML Elements with service discovery features which have to be returned to the client uppon request. Service discovery features returned by this method correspond to services supported by this plugin.
      session - a XMPPResourceConnection value
      an Element[] value
    • supElementNamePaths

      String[][] supElementNamePaths()
      Method supElementNamePaths returns an array of element names in form of a full path to the XML element for stanzas which can be processed by this plugin. Each element name path corresponds to XMLNS returned in array by supNamespaces() method. The element path itself is represented by a String array with each path element as a separate String.
      a String[][] value is an array for element paths for which the plugin offers processing capabilities. Each path is in form of a String array in order to reduce parsing overhead.
    • supNamespaces

      String[] supNamespaces()
      Method supNamespaces returns an array of name-spaces for stanzas which can be processed by this plugin. Each namespace corresponds to element name returned in array by supElemenets() method.
      a String[] value
    • supStreamFeatures

      Element[] supStreamFeatures(XMPPResourceConnection session)
      Method supStreamFeatures returns an array of XML Elements with stream features which have to be returned to the client uppon request. Stream features returned by this method correspond to features supported by this plugin.
      session - a XMPPResourceConnection value
      an Element[] value
    • supTypes

      Set<StanzaType> supTypes()
      Method returns an array of all stanza types which the plugin is able to handle. If the method returns NULL, then all stanzas of all types will be passed to the plugin for processing. Otherwise only stanzas with selected types, assuming that element names and name-spaces match as well.
      a StanzaType[] array of supported stanza types.
    • getComponentInfo

      ComponentInfo getComponentInfo()
      Allows to obtain various informations about components
      information about particular component
    • getStatistics

      void getStatistics(StatisticsList list)
      The method allows to retrieve plugin own statistics if it generates any.
      list - is a statistics collection to which plugins own metrics can be added.