Package tigase.xml

Class SimpleParser


public class SimpleParser extends Object
SimpleParser - implementation of SAX parser. This is very basic implementation of XML parser designed especially to be light and parse XML streams like jabber XML stream. It is very efficient, capable of parsing parts of XML document received from the network connection as well as handling a few XML documents in one buffer. This is especially useful when parsing data received from the network. Packets received from the network can contain non-comlete XML document as well as a few complete XML documents. It doesn't support XML comments, processing instructions, document inclussions. Actually it supports only:
  • Start element event (with all attributes found).
  • End element even.
  • Character data event.
  • 'OtherXML' data event - everything between '<' and '>' if after < is '?' or '!'. So it can 'catch' doctype declaration, processing instructions but it can't process correctly commented blocks.
Although very simple this imlementation is sufficient for Jabber protocol needs and is even used by some other packages of this server like implementation of UserRepository based on XML file or server configuration.

It is worth to note also that this class is fully thread safe. It means that one instance of this class can be simultanously used by many threads. This is to improve resources usage when processing many client connections at the same time.

Created: Fri Oct 1 23:02:15 2004

Artur Hefczyc
  • Field Details


      public static final String ATTRIBUTES_NUMBER_LIMIT_PROP_KEY
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      public static final String MAX_ATTRIBS_NUMBER_PROP_KEY
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      public static final String MAX_ELEMENT_NAME_SIZE_PROP_KEY
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      public static final String MAX_ATTRIBUTE_NAME_SIZE_PROP_KEY
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      public static final String MAX_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_SIZE_PROP_KEY
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      public static final String MAX_CDATA_SIZE_PROP_KEY
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      public int MAX_ATTRIBS_NUMBER
      Variable constant MAX_ATTRIBS_NUMBER keeps value of maximum possible attributes number. Real XML parser shouldn't have such limit but in most cases XML elements don't have too many attributes. For efficiency it is better to use fixed number of attributes and operate on arrays than on lists. Data structures will automaticly grow if real attributes number is bigger so there should be no problem with processing XML streams different than expected.

      public int MAX_ATTRIBUTE_NAME_SIZE


      public int MAX_CDATA_SIZE

      public int MAX_ELEMENT_NAME_SIZE
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleParser

      public SimpleParser()
  • Method Details

    • parse

      public final void parse(SimpleHandler handler, String input)
    • parse

      @TODO(note="1. Better XML errors detection. 2. Add XML comments handling. 3. Character overflow detection i.e. limit max number of characters for each entity.") public final void parse(SimpleHandler handler, char[] data, int off, int len)
    • checkIsCharValidInXML

      protected boolean checkIsCharValidInXML(SimpleParser.ParserState parserState, char chr)