Package tigase.xml

Class Element

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, Comparable<Element>, XMLNodeIfc<Element>
Direct Known Subclasses:

@TODO(note="Make it a bit lighter.") public class Element extends Object implements XMLNodeIfc<Element>
Element - basic document tree node implementation. Supports Java 5.0 generic feature to make it easier to extend this class and still preserve some useful functionality. Sufficient for simple cases but probably in the most more advanced cases should be extended with additional features. Look in API documentation for more details and information about existing extensions. The most important features apart from abvious tree implementation are:
  • toString() implementation so it can generate valid XML content from this element and all children.
  • addChild(...), getChild(childName) supporting generic types.
  • findChild(childPath) finding child in subtree by given path to element.
  • getChildCData(childPath), getAttribute(childPath, attName) returning element CData from child in subtree by given path to element.

Created: Mon Oct 4 17:55:16 2004

Artur Hefczyc