Package tigase.vhosts

Interface VHostItemExtensionProvider<T extends VHostItemExtension>

Type Parameters:
T - - class of the extension which will be provided by this factory Class to work should be annotated with @Bean annotation and annotation name parameter should be equal to the extension unique id. Moreover, parent parameter should be set to VHostItemExtensionManager.class and active parameter should be set to true.
All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension.ServerInfoVHostItemExtensionProvider, BruteForceLockerBean.BruteForceLockerVHostExtensionProvider, ClientTrustManagerFactory.ClientTrustVHostItemExtensionProvider, PresenceSubscription.PresenceSubscriptionVHostItemExtensionProvider, SeeOtherHost.SeeOtherHostVHostItemExtensionProvider, SSLContextContainer.HardenedModeVHostItemExtensionProvider

public interface VHostItemExtensionProvider<T extends VHostItemExtension>
Interface required to be implemented by factories which are adding extensions to vhost items.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns class of the extension
    Returns unique id of the extension
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns unique id of the extension
    • getExtensionClazz

      Class<T> getExtensionClazz()
      Returns class of the extension