Package tigase.vhosts

Class AbstractVHostItemExtension<T extends AbstractVHostItemExtension<T>>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension, BruteForceLockerBean.BruteForceLockerVHostExtension, ClientTrustManagerFactory.ClientTrustVHostItemExtension, PresenceSubscription.PresenceSubscriptionVHostItemExtension, SeeOtherHost.SeeOtherHostVHostItemExtension, SSLContextContainer.HardenedModeVHostItemExtension

public abstract class AbstractVHostItemExtension<T extends AbstractVHostItemExtension<T>> extends VHostItemExtension<T>
Abstract class and subclass of VHostItemExtension providing a helper method to add a boolean fields to ad-hoc forms for manipulation of vhost extension.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractVHostItemExtension

      public AbstractVHostItemExtension()
  • Method Details

    • addBooleanFieldWithDefaultToCommand

      protected void addBooleanFieldWithDefaultToCommand(Element commandEl, String var, String label, Boolean value, boolean forDefault)
      Method adds a boolean field to the form
      commandEl - - command element
      var - - field id
      label - - field label
      value - - value for a field
      forDefault - - if true then we are setting values for default instance and we can choose only YES or NO. In other case we can also select DEFAULT to enforce usage of the default value for this vhost item extension.s