Class ReflectionHelper


public class ReflectionHelper extends Object
Utility class with useful methods to work with reflections
  • Constructor Details

    • ReflectionHelper

      public ReflectionHelper()
  • Method Details

    • boundMatch

      public static boolean boundMatch(Class c1, TypeVariable t2)
    • boundMatch

      public static boolean boundMatch(TypeVariable t1, TypeVariable t2)
    • classMatchesClassWithParameters

      public static boolean classMatchesClassWithParameters(Class clazz, Class requiredType, Type[] requiredTypeParams)
    • classMatchesType

      public static boolean classMatchesType(Class clazz, Type required)
    • collectAnnotatedMethods

      public static <A extends Annotation, T> Collection<T> collectAnnotatedMethods(Object consumer, Class<A> annotationCls, ReflectionHelper.Handler<A,T> handler)
      This method collects every method of consumer class annotated with passed annotation and for each of them executes implementation of Handler.
    • compareTypes

      public static boolean compareTypes(Type expectedType, Type actualType, Map<TypeVariable<?>,Type> ownerExpectedTypesMap, Map<TypeVariable<?>,Type> ownerActualTypesMap)
    • createGenericsTypeMap

      public static Map<TypeVariable<?>,Type> createGenericsTypeMap(Class<?> cls)
    • getCollectionParamter

      public static Type getCollectionParamter(Type genericType, Class clazz)
    • getItemClassOfGenericCollection

      public static Class<?> getItemClassOfGenericCollection(Field f)