Interface XMPPIOProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
RegistrationThrottlingProcessor, StreamErrorCounterIOProcessor, StreamManagementIOProcessor

public interface XMPPIOProcessor
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns identifier of processor
    • getStatistics

      void getStatistics(StatisticsList list)
      Returns statistics generated by this processor
    • supStreamFeatures

      Element[] supStreamFeatures(XMPPIOService service)
      Returns array of features added by this processor
    • processIncoming

      boolean processIncoming(XMPPIOService service, Packet packet)
      Process packets read from socket as they are sent to SessionManager.
      true if packet should not be forwarded
    • processOutgoing

      boolean processOutgoing(XMPPIOService service, Packet packet)
      Process outgoing packets as they are added to XMPPIOService outgoing packets queue.
      true if packet should be removed
    • packetsSent

      void packetsSent(XMPPIOService service) throws IOException
      Method is called when all waiting data was written to socket.
    • processCommand

      void processCommand(XMPPIOService service, Packet packet)
      Process command execution which may be sent from other component and should be processed by processor
    • serviceStopped

      boolean serviceStopped(XMPPIOService service, boolean streamClosed)
      Method called when XMPPIOService is closed.
      true if connecton manager should not be notified about stopping of this service
    • streamError

      void streamError(XMPPIOService service, StreamError streamError)
      Method called when XMPP stream error is about to be sent