Package tigase.server

Class BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension

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public static class BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension extends AbstractVHostItemExtension<BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension>
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  • Constructor Details

    • ServerInfoVHostItemExtension

      public ServerInfoVHostItemExtension()
  • Method Details

    • getAbuseAddresses

      public List<String> getAbuseAddresses()
    • getAdminAddresses

      public List<String> getAdminAddresses()
    • getFeedbackAddresses

      public List<String> getFeedbackAddresses()
    • getSalesAddresses

      public List<String> getSalesAddresses()
    • getSecurityAddresses

      public List<String> getSecurityAddresses()
    • getSupportAddresses

      public List<String> getSupportAddresses()
    • getId

      public String getId()
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Unique identifier of the extension. It has to be a valid XML element name!
    • initFromElement

      public void initFromElement(Element item)
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Method initializes instances of a class with values from the element which contains configuration loaded from the database. see VHostItemExtensionIfc::toElement()
      item - - provided element with data
    • initFromCommand

      public void initFromCommand(String prefix, Packet packet) throws IllegalArgumentException
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Method initializes instance of a class with values provided by the user using ad-hoc command.
      prefix - - prefix for data for fields added by this extension
      packet - - stanza with submitted ad-hoc command form
    • toDebugString

      public String toDebugString()
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Returns a string containing all information about the instance of the extension useful for debugging.
    • toElement

      public Element toElement()
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Method serializes data stored by this instance to element which will be then stored in the database. Element name should be equal to the extension id.
    • addCommandFields

      public void addCommandFields(String prefix, Packet packet, boolean forDefault)
      Description copied from interface: VHostItemExtensionIfc
      Method adds custom extension fields to the ad-hoc form which will be sent to the user for filling with data required to create or update the VHost details.
      prefix - - prefix which should be used by each added field
      packet - - packet which will be sent to the user
      forDefault - - if true, we are preparing form for "default" configuration used by default by all vhosts.
    • mergeWithDefaults

      Description copied from class: VHostItemExtension
      Abstract method required to be implemented for merging values stored in this instance with default settings stored in the default virtual host item (global or default settings of the installation).
      Specified by:
      mergeWithDefaults in class VHostItemExtension<BasicComponent.ServerInfoVHostItemExtension>
      defaults - - instance of the extension with default values
      instance of the extension containing merged values