Interface BeanConfigurator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractBeanConfigurator, DSLBeanConfigurator, DSLBeanConfiguratorWithBackwardCompatibility

public interface BeanConfigurator
Bean configurator.

Newly created beans should be configured: it means put specific values to fields, etc. Configurator no need to inject dependencies. This interface allows to create any kind of configurator for beans.

Note, that BeanConfig parameter is just internal metadata used to identify and keep dependencies, etc.

  • Field Details


      static final String DEFAULT_CONFIGURATOR_NAME
      Name of default configurator. It will be used by default during creating new beans by Kernel.
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  • Method Details

    • configurationChanged

      void configurationChanged()
      Notify bean configurator that configuration was changed and beans needs to be reconfigured
    • configure

      void configure(BeanConfig beanConfig, Object bean)
      Configure bean.
      beanConfig - internal bean configuration.
      bean - bean to configure.
    • registerBeans

      void registerBeans(BeanConfig beanConfig, Object bean, Map<String,Object> valeus)
      Looks for and registers beans which should be registered due to initialization of passed bean. List of beans to register may come from config (values), annotations, etc.
      beanConfig - bean config of initializing bean
      bean - instance of initializing bean
      valeus - configuration for the initializing bean