Class TigaseCustomAuth

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuthRepository, DataSourceAware<DataRepository>, Repository, RepositoryVersionAware
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The user authentication connector allows for customized SQL queries to be used. Queries are defined in the configuration file and they can be either plain SQL queries or stored procedures.
If the query starts with characters: { call then the server assumes this is a stored procedure call, otherwise it is executed as a plain SQL query. Each configuration value is stripped from white characters on both ends before processing.
Please don't use semicolon ';' at the end of the query as many JDBC drivers get confused and the query may not work for unknown obvious reason.
Some queries take arguments. Arguments are marked by question marks '?' in the query. Refer to the configuration parameters description for more details about what parameters are expected in each query.
Example configuration.
The first example shows how to put a stored procedure as a query with 2 required parameters.
 add-user-query={ call TigAddUserPlainPw(?, ?) }

The same query with plain SQL parameters instead:
 add-user-query=insert into users (user_id, password) values (?, ?)

Created: Sat Nov 11 22:22:04 2006
Artur Hefczyc