Package tigase.db

Interface DataSource

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
DataRepository, DataSourcePool<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
DataRepoPool, DataRepositoryImpl, DataRepositoryPool, DummyRepository, SchemaManager.DataSourceInfo, XMLDataSource

public interface DataSource extends Repository
Interface implemented by every class providing access to data storage, ie. databases, files, key-value stores.
Created by andrzej on 09.03.2016.
  • Field Details

    • log

      static final Logger log
  • Method Details

    • checkConnectivity

      default void checkConnectivity(Duration watchdogTime)
      This method is called by data source bean watchdog mechanism to ensure that there is proper connectivity to underlying data storage.
      watchdogTime - time which should pass between checks
    • checkSchemaVersion

      default boolean checkSchemaVersion(DataSourceAware<? extends DataSource> datasource, boolean shutdownServer)
      Method checks version of the particular DataSource stored in the defined source.
      datasource - implementation of DataSourceAware interface
      shutdownServer - specifies whether server should be shutdown automatically if the version in the database doesn't match required version.
      a false when the version doesn't match or there is no version information in the repository. if shutdownServer is set to true and the component version is final it would force shutting down of the server, otherwise (for non-final version) only a warning would be printed.
    • automaticSchemaManagement

      default boolean automaticSchemaManagement()
    • getSchemaVersion

      Optional<Version> getSchemaVersion(String component)
      Method obtains version of the schema for particular component stored in the database.
      component - name of the component for which we want to get the schema version
      an optional value of the version.
    • getResourceUri

      String getResourceUri()
      Returns a DB connection string or DB connection URI.
      a String value representing database connection string.
    • initialize

      void initialize(String resource_uri) throws RepositoryException
      The method is called to initialize the data repository.
      resource_uri - value in most cases representing the database connection string.
      RepositoryException - if there was an error during initialization of data source. Some implementations, though, perform so called lazy initialization so even though there is a problem with the underlying data source it may not be signaled through this method call.