Server Compilation

Tigase XMPP Server Project uses Maven for compilation. For details on Maven and it’s use, please see the Maven Guide.

Distribution Packages

Once Compiled, Tigase creates two separate distribution archives:

  • -dist is a minimal version containing only tigase-server, tigase-xmltools and tigase-utils, MUC, Pubsub, and HTTP.
  • -dist-max is a version containing all additional tigase components as well as dependencies required by those components.

They will be available as both zip and tarball.

Building Server and Generating Packages

After cloning tigase-server repository:

git clone
cd tigase-server

You compile server with maven using project distribution profile (dist):

mvn -Pdist clean install

This will:

  • compile server binaries.
  • generate javadoc documentation in distribution-docs/javadoc directory.
  • grab all latest versions of all declared dependencies and put them in jars/ directory.
  • create both types of distribution packages (-dist and -dist-max) and place them in distribution-packages/ directory.

Shortcut for building

If you wish to just build Tigase XMPP server to just a minimum standard just to make sure the server will compile, you may use the following command:

mvn clean install

This will:

  • Build Tigase XMPP tigase-server jar in tigase-server/jars.

This will not incorporate dependencies or javadoc.


If you wish to build documentation as well as the distribution packages, you will need to add the following profile to your build commands:

mvn -Pdoc clean install

-Pdoc may be used in conjunction with -Pdist command, but will also build documentation in the archive as well as distribution-docs/ in epub, html, html-chunk and PDF formats.

Running Server

Afterwards you can run the server with the regular shell script from within server module:

cd server
./scripts/ start etc/tigase.conf

Please bear in mind, that you need to provide correct setup in etc/config.tdsl configuration files for the server to work correctly.