Web Portal

If you do not wish to use the automatic method, you may decide to generate a licence file using our web portal. Offline installation may obtain Installation IDs from our web portal in a three-step process: registration, generating hash, and obtaining licence file.

Generating Installation ID

For offline installations, you may obtain an Installation ID from this address: https://license.tigase.software/register.

Data Fields:

  • Customer name: Company or user name used to identify machines. Multiple clusters or servers can have the same customer name.
  • VHosts: Comma separated list of VHosts you will be using on this node. NOTE: these fields are case sensitive!
  • Legacy license hashes: Copy the digest hash generated for all legacy licences - it’s available in the etc/tigase-console.log after startup (if such licences are present).
  • Captcha question: Enter the basic math answer for this form to prove you are not a robot.

The next page will provide you with an installation ID like the following:


Edit your init.properties file and add your installation-id


Note that the installation-id file will be made automatically once the license file is installed and verified by the server.

Obtaining a Server Code

Once you have the Installation ID, you will need to generate a server code. This can be done by accessing the admin UI page and navigating to the Licence section. Once there, click on Retrieve code for licence. Select the component you wish to generate a code for and click Submit. You will see a fields with installation-id, module, VHosts filled out based on your server’s configuration. Copy the contents of the Code field and proceed to the next section.

Obtaining license file

Open a new browser and navigate to this address: https://license.tigase.software/retrieve once there, paste the generated code from the last step in the field and click submit. Afterwards you will be prompted to download a license file, place this file in your etc/ folder and restart your server, your license is now activated and installed on your server.

If you are provided a manually produced license, you will need to place it in the same etc/ directory with the name license.acs