Add User

Here you can add new users to any domain handled by vHosts, users are added to database immediately and are able to login. NOTE: You cannot bestow admin status to these users in this section.

Change User Password

This enables you to change the password of any user in the database. Although changes will take effect immediately, users currently logged in will not know the password has been changed until they try to log in again.

Delete User

This removes the user or users (comma separated) from the database. The deleted users will be kicked from the server once submit is clicked.

End user session

Disconnects the current selected user by ending their session with the server.

Get User Info

This section allows admins to get information about a specific user including current connections as well as offline and online messages awaiting delivery.

Get registered user list

This will display all registered users for the selected domain up to the number specified.

Modify User

Allows you to modify some user details including E-mail and whether it is an active user.