This section will enable administrators to custom write or enter their own scripts for specific components. Each active component will have an entry for new and remove command scripts and scripts written there will be for that component.

New Command Script
  • Description: A friendly name of the script, will be the title of the link in the menu on the left.
  • Command ID: Internal command that Tigase will use when referencing this script.
  • Group: The group for the script, which may be any of the headings on the left (Configuration, Example scripts, Notifications, Other etc..) or your own. If no group exists, a new one will be created.
  • Language: The language the script is written in. Currently Tigase supports Groovy and EMCAScript.
  • Script text: the fulltext of the script.
  • Save to disk: Scripts that are saved to disk will be permanently stored in the server’s directory /scripts/admin/[Component]/commandID.js NOTE Scripts that are NOT saved to disk will not survive a server restart.
Remove Command Script

As with New Command Script, there is an entry for each component. This page will provide a space to remove commands for the selected component. You will be provided a list of scripts associated with that component. You also have the open to remove from disk, which will permanently delete the script from the hard drive the server is on. If this is unchecked, the script will be unavailable until the next restart.