Major Changes

Tigase has undergone a few major changes to our code and structure. To continue to use Tigase, a few changes may be needed to be made to your systems. Please see them below:

HTTP Component renamed

The HTTP component has been renamed, if you still have the old in your file, please update the component name to:

New JDK v8 required

As Oracle has dropped support for version 7 of its Java runtime environment and developer kit, we have moved to version 8 of the JDK. Furthermore, some new features and fixes for Tigase Server now require the use of JDK v8 or later. Please upgrade your Java packages from this link.

Changes to Database Schemas

Tigase has undergone a number or database schema changes, the current versions being main database schema v7.1 and pubsub schema v3.2.0. If you are upgrading to v7.1.0 from a previous version of Tigase, it is recommended you visit this section in the documentation to prepare your new installation.

Presence Plugin Split

The plugin handling all presence processing has been split from one plugin ( into separate plugins: - handles most common presence-related methods, and is also used by the following two plugins. - to handle subscription presence processing like for roster updates. - to handle initial presences from new logins.