Chapter 17. --cm-traffic-throttling

Default value: xmpp:2500:0:disc,bin:20m:0:disc

Example: --cm-traffic-throttling = xmpp:2500:0:disc,bin:20m:0:disc

Possible values: 'comma separated list of traffic limits settings.'

Description: The --cm-traffic-throttling property allows you to limit traffic on user connections. These limits are applied to each user connection and if a limit is exceeded then a specified action is applied.

The property value is a comma separated list of traffic limits settings. For example the first part: xmpp:2500:0:disc specifies traffic limits for XMPP data to 2,500 packets allowed within last minute either sent to or received from a user and unlimited (0) total traffic on the user connection, in case any limit is exceeded the action is to disconnect the user.

Available since: 5.1.3