Installation Using Web Installer

When Tigase XMPP Server starts up, it looks for the default configuration file: etc/ If this file has not been modified you can run the web installer. Which will step you through the process of configuring Tigase. If you are installing Tigase in a Windows environment, please see the Windows Installation section.

Download and Extract

First download Tigase XMPP Server and extract it. You can download the official binaries, or the latest and greatest nightly builds.

$ wget
$ tar -xf tigase-server-dist-max.tar.gz
$ cd tigase-server-<version>

Please do not run as root.

Start the Server

scripts/ start

Verify Tigase is Running

You should see a list of listening ports.

$ lsof -i -P
java    18387 tigase  141u  IPv6 22185825      0t0  TCP *:8080 (LISTEN)
java    18387 tigase  148u  IPv6 22185834      0t0  TCP *:5222 (LISTEN)
java    18387 tigase  149u  IPv6 22185835      0t0  TCP *:5223 (LISTEN)
java    18387 tigase  150u  IPv6 22185836      0t0  TCP *:5290 (LISTEN)
java    18387 tigase  151u  IPv6 22185837      0t0  TCP *:5280 (LISTEN)
java    18387 tigase  152u  IPv6 22185838      0t0  TCP *:5269 (LISTEN)

Connect to the Web Installer

Some points before you can connect:

This setup page is restricted access, however for first setup there is a default account set to setup Tigase: Username: admin Password: tigase

This combination will only be valid once as it will be removed from file on compleation of setup process. After this point the setup page will only be accessable using the following:

  1. JID accounts listed as administrators in --admins line in
  2. Username and password combinations added to file manually, or at the last page in this process.

Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/setup/ unless you are working remotely. Then you can use the domain name, or IP address. I used for this guide.

Enter the username and password above to gain access.

Step Through the Installation Process

You will be greeted by the following "About software" page.

web install 01

Read it and then click "Next"

web install 02

Here is some information about our commercial products and licensing. Please read though the agreement, type your name or company and click "Next".

web install 04

This page will look over your default configuration settings, these include the type, Domains you wish to use, and gives you a chance to specify an administrator for the domain. Also, you will be selecting what type of database Tigase server will be using.

web install 05

The Advanced configuration page. Select what components and configurations you need.

web install 06

Plugins which will be loaded by the server, most plugins are enabled by default.

web install 07

This is where the database schema is installed. BE SURE TO SPECIFY SUPER USER ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD

web install 08

You should see a page like this after a successful database setup. This page will reveal any issues with your database setup such as invalid URIs, passwords, and schemas.

web install 09

Next a page asking if you’d like to provide an API Access Key to access HTTP REST commands. It is highly recommended that you either specify an API key or block access. Open API keys allow any REST command to be interpreted by the server.

web install 10

The Setup Access Page will be locked from the admin/tigase user as specified above. This is your chance to have the setup pages add a specific user in addition to admin accounts to re-access this setup process later. If left blank, only JIDs listed in admin will be allowed to access.

web install 11

The installation is complete and this is what the file will look like. If you have a custom setup, or would like to put your own settings in, you may copy and past the contents here to edit the current file. Click "Save" to write the file to disk.

web install 12

You have now finished the installation, proceed to the next step to restart the server.

Restart the Server

It is recommended at this point to stop the server manually and restart it using the proper script for your OS. From the Tigase base directory enter

./scripts/ stop

./scripts/{OS}/init.d/tigase start etc/tigase.conf

where {OS} is your type of Linux, gentoo, debian, mandriva, or redhat

To further fine tune the server you should edit etc/tigase.conf. Ensure JAVA_HOME path is correct, and increase memory if needed using JAVA_OPTIONS -Xmx (max), and -Xms (initial). You will need to direct Tigase to read settings from this file on startup as follows.

Everything should be running smooth at this point. Check the logfiles in logs/ if you experience any problems.

Windows Instructions for using Web Installer

There are a few steps involved with setting up Tigase with the web installer in a Windows environment. Please follow this guide.

First step is to extract the dist-max archive in it’s entirety to the intended running directory. Once there, run the Setup.bat file inside the win-stuff folder. This will move the necessary files to the correct folders before Tigase begins operation.

From here, you have a few options how to run Tigase; run.bat will operate Tigase using a java command, or run.bat which will start Tigase using the wrapper. You may also install Tigase and run it as a service.

One this setup is finished, web installer will continue the same from here.