Tigase and PyMSN-t Transport

Any XMPP server and any transport can connect with each other through an external component protocol (XEP-0114). So all you need to do is to correctly prepare configuration for this protocol on both sides.

Continue reading to learn how to setup Tigase and PyMSN for working together…​

There are a few basic parameters to set for this protocol:

Here is side by side configuration for both applications: PyMSN-t and Tigase to make them work together. Both services are setup with the hostname test-d. To make sure both test-d and msn.test-d resolve to correct IP address an entry to the /etc/hosts file is added:

## In your case the IP address should be probably different.    test-d            msn.test-d

Tigase server connects to MySQL database (or built-in XMLBD for simpler configuration variant).

I am not going to setup PyMSN-t to run in background as a system service. This is specific to the system you use and is covered in transport documentation and your operating system. Most systems have their own scripts to start services so I would recommend to use them. Here howeevr, it is run in the foreground with full logging switched on to the console to make it easier track what happens.

PyMSN-t - /etc/jabber/pymsn-t.xml file

  <!-- The JabberID of the transport -->
  <!-- The public IP or DNS name of the machine
    the transport is running on -->
  <!-- The location of the PID file, relative
    to the PyMSNt directory -->
  <!-- If set, the transport will background
    itself when run, we don't want to do this right
    now. -->
  <!-- <background/> -->
  <!-- The IP address of the main XMPP server
    to connect to -->
  <!-- The TCP port to connect to the XMPP
    server on (this is the default for Jabberd2) -->
  <!-- The authentication token to use when
    connecting to the XMPP server -->
  <!-- Please give the port to listen for XMPP
    socks5 transfers on. Note the standard port number
    set here is <strong>8010</strong>. This port
    however is in use on my machine so this is why
    I had to set it to different value.-->
  <!-- The logging level
    0 -> No logging
    1 -> Log tracebacks
    2 -> Log tracebacks, warnings and errors
    3 -> Log everything -->
  <!-- The file to log to. Leave this disabled
    for stdout -->
  <!-- <debugFile>debug.log</debugFile> -->

PyMSN-t - run command

python /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pymsn-t/pymsn-t.py \
  -c /etc/jabber/pymsn-t.xml

Note! the full path to PyMSN-t config file is important.

PyMSN-t - expected output

A few last lines should look like:
[2007-05-07 13:00:39] Starting factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>
[2007-05-07 13:00:39] <twisted.internet.tcp.Connector
  instance at 0xb7ceb24c> will retry in 2 seconds
[2007-05-07 13:00:39] Stopping factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>
[2007-05-07 13:00:41] Starting factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>
[2007-05-07 13:00:41] <twisted.internet.tcp.Connector
  instance at 0xb7ceb24c> will retry in 5 seconds
[2007-05-07 13:00:41] Stopping factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>
[2007-05-07 13:00:46] Starting factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>
[2007-05-07 13:00:46] <twisted.internet.tcp.Connector
  instance at 0xb7ceb24c> will retry in 15 seconds
[2007-05-07 13:00:46] Stopping factory
  instance at 0xb7ce80ac>

And PyMSN should continue to print lines until it successfully connects to the Tigase server. When that happens, the following lines should be printed:

[2007-05-07 13:29:04] Starting factory
  <twisted.xish.xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory instance at 0xb7cf00ac>
[2007-05-07 13:29:04] INFO ::  ::  :: componentConnected
  :: PyTransport :: {'xmlstream': <twisted.xish.xmlstream.XmlStream
  instance at 0xb7d0feac>, 'self': 'instance'}

Tigase - etc/tigase.conf file

You may consider removing the last 2 lines from TIGASE_OPTIONS variable to avoid using MySQL for now. Tigase will then use internal XMLDB which doesn’t need any special setup. (Just remember to leave closing double quotes…​)

ENC="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dsun.jnu.encoding=UTF-8"
JAVA_OPTIONS="${ENC} ${DRV} -server -Xms100M -Xmx100M "
## All TIGASE_OPTIONS settings must be in single line
## They are split to make them more readable
TIGASE_OPTIONS="--gen-config-all --admins \"tus@test-d\"
 --virt-hosts test-d,localhost --debug server
 --ext-comp \"test-d,msn.test-d,5347,secret,plain,accept\"
 --user-db mysql --user-db-uri
 \"jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigase?user=tigase&password=mypass\" "

Tigase - run command

./bin/tigase.sh start etc/tigase.conf

Tigase - expected output

To see the log output from Tigase server execute following command:

tail -f logs/tigase-console.log

After transport connects to Tigase server you should see lines like:

2007-05-07 12:29:05
  ComponentConnectionManager.processHandshake() FINE:
  Connected to: msn.test-d
2007-05-07 12:29:05
  FINEST: Modifing service-discovery info:
  <item name="XEP-0114 connected"

Note! There was a bug in the jabber:iq:register plugin which caused problems when registering account in transport. Please use build 432 or later.