Chapter 75. --client-port-delay-listening

Default value: true

Example: --client-port-delay-listening=true

Possible values: true, false

Description: The property allows to enabled or disable delaying of listening for client connections in cluster mode until the cluster is correctly connected.

In cluster mode, in order to ensure correct user status broadcast, we are delaying opening client ports (components: c2s, ws2s, bosh) and enable those only after cluster is fully and correctly connected (i.e. either there is only single node or in case of multiple nodes all nodes connected correctly).

It’s possible to enable/disable this on per-component basis with the following configuration:


Maximum delay time depends on the component and it’s multiplication of ConnectionManager default connection delay times 30s - in case of client connection manager this delay equals 60s


Only applicable in Cluster Mode!

Available since: 7.1.0