Default value: 'none'

Example: --ext-comp = localdomain,remotedomain,port,passwd,plain,accept

Possible values: 'external connection definition string.' connection string localdomain,remotedomain,port,passwd,(plain|ssl),(accept|connect),routing

Description: Deprecated in favor of --external. Support for this property is no longer maintained, please update your installation for the new way to connect external components.

The --ext-comp property creates a connection over an external component protocol - XEP-0114. The connection can be made to/from any XEP-0114 application such as IM transort, MUC, PubSub and others. It is also possible to separate Tigase internal components onto separate instances connected via XEP-0114 connections.

Note: It is also possible to generate a configuration for many external components. To do so use --ext-comp_1 parameters, --ext-comp_2 parameters and so on…​

Available since: 2.0.0 Discontiuned since 4.3.0