Reserver Cache ID Names

Here is a list of reserved Cache IDs:

  • bosh-roster - The user roster is cached in the Bosh component in exactly the same form as it was received from the core server.

    The Bosh Cache might do or might not do optimizations on the roster like removing elements from the cached roster if the roster remove has been received or may just store all the roster requests and then send them all to the client.

    There is a one mandatory optimization the Bosh Cache must perform. It must remember the last (and only the last) presence status for each roster item. Upon roster retrieving from the cache the Bosh component must send the roster item first and then the presence for the item. If the presence is missing it means off-line presence.

    If the roster is small it can be sent to the client in a single packet but for a large roster it is recommended to split contact lists to batches of max 100 elements. The Bosh component may send all roster contacts first and then all presences or it can send a part of the roster, presences for sent items, next part of the roster, presences for next items and so on…​.

  • bosh-resource-bind - The user resource bind is also cached to allow the client quickly retrieve information about the full JID for the established Bosh session.