What You Need.

If you use binary build for version 4.2.0 or later you can skip this section as all required libraries are included in the installation package: Extras pack. Please install the pack and you don’t have to worry about libraries any more.

If you run the server from sources or SVN continue reading:

The remote monitoring requires an external library therefore it is implemented in the tigase-extras package to comply with the basic rule - no third-party libraries are needed for the core Tigase server. But still what you need for the remote monitoring activation is just 2 jar files:

  1. tigase-extras the last 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT or later
  2. jdmkrt.jar file from OpenDMK project version 5.1 or later. A copy of this jar file in also available in our maven repository: jdmkrt.jar.

Download both libraries and put them in the libs/ directory.