Server Certificate Using Keytool and Keystore

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To allow secure connections through SSL or TLS channel you need SSL certificate.

The main purpose of SSL certificate is to provide connecting entity with a proof of identity of your server. Significant role in proving identity of your server plays trusted third party - usually the issuer of the certificate.

Certificate issued by trusted third party usually cost you a money. You can also use self signed certificate which works as well but gives authentication warning on client software at the connecting time.

Tigase server binary package and sources repository contain so called "dummy" certificate which doesn’t refer to any real site name. This certificate is temporary. Should be used only for initial testing of your server. It should be replaced with real one as soon as possible. By real certificate I mean either self signed certificate or issued by trusted third party organization.

Here are instructions how to install real certificate for Tigase server.

Please note! You have to use keytool program included in JDK-1.6 or later version. The utility included in earlier versions can not import third party signed certificates correctly.