Default Behaviour

By default the Tigase server loads tigase.conf.ConfigurationCache class which stores the whole configuration in memory. Please note that the ////<<initPropertiesGuide,//// file with initial settings is always loaded if it is available at the given location and all settings in this file work exactly as before. For more details, please refer to the online documentation.

A couple of times I mention about 'initial configuration' and 'whole configuration'. What is this about, what is the difference?

The 'initial configuration' are startup settings provided by the user in the file. Most of the server elements, however use far more configuration parameters which are set to sensible default values if they are not provided by the user. The configuration framework in the Tigase server, however always keeps the complete configuration of all active elements. This is implemented in such a way to make it possible to present currently used settings to the end-users or administrators and allow them to change the server parameters at runtime.