Configuring from command line tool

Creation of the database and import of schema can be done from command line as well. In order to do that one needs to execute following commands (either from directory where Tigase XMPP Server is installed or paths to the schema need to be adjusted accordingly):

sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -Q "CREATE DATABASE [%database%]"
sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -Q "CREATE LOGIN [%user%] WITH PASSWORD=N'%password%', DEFAULT_DATABASE=[%database%]"
sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -d %database% -Q "ALTER AUTHORIZATION ON DATABASE::%database% TO %user%;"
sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -d %database% -i database\sqlserver-schema-5-1-schema.sql
sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -d %database% -i database\sqlserver-schema-5-1-sp.sql
sqlcmd -S %servername% -U %root_user% -P %root_pass% -d %database% -i database\sqlserver-schema-5-1-props.sql

Above can be automatized with provided script %tigase-server%\scripts\db-create-sqlserver.cmd (note: it needs to be executed from main Tigase XMPP Server directory due to maintain correct paths):

$ scripts\db-create-sqlserver.cmd %database_servername% %database_name% %tigase_username% %tigase_password% %root_username% %root_password%

If no parameters are provided then defaults are used: