Configuration Options

Most basic configuration is related to the choice of actual redirection implementation:


Possible values are:

  • tigase.server.xmppclient.SeeOtherHost
  • tigase.server.xmppclient.SeeOtherHostHashed
  • tigase.server.xmppclient.SeeOtherHostDB
  • none - disables redirection

All the remaining options are configured on per-connection-manager basis thus all options need to be prefixed with corresponding connection manager ID, i.e. c2s, bosh or ws; we will use c2s in the examples:

  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/default-host=host1;host2;host3 - a semicolon separated list of hosts to be used for redirection;
  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/active=OPEN;LOGIN

    a semicolon separated list of phases in which redirection should be active;

    • currently possible values are:
    • OPEN which enables redirection during opening of the XMPP stream;
    • LOGIN which enables redirection upon authenticating user session;
    • by default redirection is currently enabled only in the OPEN phase.

For SeeOtherHostDB implementation there are additional options:

  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/db-url - a JDBC connection URI which should be used to query redirect information; if not configured --user-db-uri will be used;
  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/get-host-query - a SQL query which should return redirection hostname;
  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/get-all-data-query - a SQL helper query which should return all redirection data from database;
  • c2s/cm-see-other-host/get-all-query-timeout - allows to set timeout for executed queries.