Automatic Scripts Loading at Startup Time

The last thing described in this guide is how to automatically load your scripts when the Tigase server starts. The ability to load scripts at run time, update them and remove is very useful, especially in emergency cases if something wrong is going on and you want to act without affecting the service.

If you, however have a few dozens scripts you don’t want to manually load them every time the server restarts.

The Tigase server automatically loads all scripts at the startup time which are located in the admin scripts directory. Unless you set it differently in the configuration it is: YourTigaseInstallationDir/scripts/admin/. All you have to do is to copy all your scripts to this directory and they will be loaded next time the server starts.

But hold on. What about the script parameters: language, description, command id? How are you supposed to set them?

Language is simple. It is detected automatically by the script file extension. So just make sure file extensions are correct and the language is sorted.

The script description and command id needs a little bit more work. You have to include in your script following lines:

AS:Description: The command description
AS:CommandId: command-id
AS:Component: comp_name

Please note, there must be at least a single space after the "AS:Description:" or "AS:CommandId:" string. Everything rest after that, until the end of the line, is treated as either the script description or command id. Put these in your script file and the loader will detect them and set correctly for your script.