Database Configuration

Depending on which database you did select, you will be presented with related options to configure its connectivity options. As you will see, the parameters have default values.

*** Database configuration:

You have selected MySQL database. This database needs
additional configuration parameters. Please enter all
required information.

MySQL super user account will be used only to create and
configure database for the Tigase server. It will not be
used by the Tigase server later on.

Super user account name: [root]

WARNING: password will be visible while entering
Super user password: mysecretpassword
WARNING: password will be visible while entering
Retype password: mysecretpassword

MySQL database details. It will be created automatically if
it does not exist.

Database account: [tigase]

Account password: [tigase12]

Database name: [tigasedb]

Database host or IP: [localhost]

Additional database parameters: []

press 1 to continue, 2 to quit, 3 to redisplay