BOSH protocol specified in XEP-0124 is one of first protocols defined to allow to establish XMPP connection to XMPP servers from web browsers. Due to that this protocol is widely supported and used by many deployments. It is also easy to use in single server mode. It’s enabled by default in Tigase XMPP Server and available at port 5280.

In clustered mode we can deploy it with load balancer deployed with guarantees that each BOSH connection from web browser will be forwarded to same Tigase XMPP Server instance. So in clustered mode if we have two XMPP server t1 and t2 which are hosting domain we would need to have load balancer which will respond for HTTP request to domain and forward all requests from same IP address to same node of a cluster (i.e. all request from should be forwarded always to node t1.