Basic Configuration

This panels contains most important configuration options for the Tigase server. You can choose which components should be configured to be used when running server, add XMPP admin users and enter their password (many admins, comma separated, initially having the same password). Choose different password from the default one. Then select preferred database. If you don’t have a standalone DB which you would like to use, you can choose the included Derby DB.

Important notice: Tigase installer doesn’t contain the actual databases, only drivers allowing db access. One exception is Derby database, which is included in JDK. It is automatically configured by installer, in case of other databases you will need to configure them by yourself.

*** Basic Tigase server configuration
On this panel you can specify basic configuration settings
for the Tigase server.

Based on your selection here more configuration options
might be presented later on. After the configuration is
complete file will be created.

You can optionally restart the server at the end of the
process if you like.

0  [x] Default installation
1  [ ] Default plus extra components
2  [ ] Session Manager only
3  [ ] Network connectivity only
input selection:
Your XMPP (Jabber) domains [my-laptop]

Server administrators [admin@my-laptop]

Admin password [tigase]

0  [x] Derby (built-in database)
1  [ ] MySQL
2  [ ] PostgreSQL
3  [ ] SQLServer
4  [ ] Other...
input selection: