Admin Accounts

This is the most likely thing to change after you install server and generate default configuration. Actually it is also the easiest option to customize.

And yes, you can just remove entry with admin account: "admin@localhost" unless you really want to keep it. Be aware though all system messages will be sent to ALL admin accounts.

Well, if the account does not exists the message is discarded and a warning is be printed in log file. Again, read it again, the previous sentence…​

It means that the admin account has to be also created in normal way on the Jabber server. Just register it using your Jabber client. The admin accounts setting works just as a forward instruction. So as a result all system and admin messages are forwarded to all admin accounts if they exist.

Obviously you can have as many admin accounts as you like:

session_1/admins =,,,,

Now, how to do it. First things is to find current settings. To see what are current admin accounts execute the command:

./bin/ -c etc/tigase-server.xml -print -key session_1/admins

As a result you can see something like this:

session_1/admins = admin@yourhost, admin@localhost

As you could read in configuration management too guide '-add' command adds new entries to the list, '-set' command removes old values and sets new one.

As we want to create new admins list for the installation first command would be '-set' command. Let’s say we want set jack@yourhost as your first admin account:

./bin/ -c etc/tigase-server.xml -print -key session_1/admins -set -value "jack@yourhost"

As a result program prints new setting:

session_1/admins = jack@yourhost

All old accounts have been replaced with new account. Now if you wich to add next admin account john@yourhost to the list execute slightly modified command (Note - '-add' instead of '-set'):

./bin/ -c etc/tigase-server.xml -print -key session_1/admins -add -value "john@yourhost"

And result:

session_1/admins = jack@yourhost, john@yourhost

And…​ this is it. You can add more admin accounts the same way.