Chapter 32. Bosh Session Cache

Table of Contents

Problem Description
Bosh Session Cache Description
Cache Protocol
Cache Actions
Cache ID
Reserver Cache ID Names

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Problem Description

Web clients have no way to store any data locally, on the client side. Therefore after a web page reload the web clients loses all the context it was running in before the page reload.

Some elements of the context can be retrieved from the server like the roster and all contacts presence information. Some other data however can not be restored easily like opened chat windows and the chat windows contents. Even if the roster restoring is possible, this operation is very expensive in terms of time and resources on the server side.

On of possible solutions is to allow web client to store some data in the Bosh component cache on the server side for the time while the Bosh session is active. After the page reload, if the client can somehow retrieve SID (stored in cookie or provided by the web application running the web client) it is possible to reload all the data stored in the Bosh cache to the client.

Bosh session context data are: roster, contacts presence information, opened chat windows, chat windows content and some other data not known at the moment. Ideally the web client should be able to store any data in the Bosh component cache it wants.