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If you don’t know what exactly is Tigase server, you can find some basic introduction on this screen.

Tigase XMPP (Jabber) server ver 4.1.5-bDEV


Copyright (C) 2004 <>

Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server is
Open Source and Free  (GPLv3)
Java based server. The goals behind the design and
implementation of the server are:

Make the server robust and reliable.
Make the server secure communication platform.
Make flexible server which can be applied to different use
Make extensible server which takes full advantage of XMPP
protocol extensibility.

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Make the server easy to setup and maintain.

Installation, configuration and compilation

The most recent documentation on all these topics is always
available in the project website: Please
refer to the website for all the details and always up to
date guides.

You would probably want to start with Quick Start: documentation.

The website also contains lots of other useful information
like load tests results, user discussions and on-line support
and help always available to you.

This is 4.1.5-bDEV release of the server. Please include the
exact version number in all correspondence regarding the

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