Complex computer networks consisting of many servers with different services are hard to maintain. There is no other way than employing professional staff and looking after the network.

Not all networks are so complex however. Most small companies have just a few servers for their needs with services like e-mail, HTTP server with company website and that’s it. They might want to add Jabber server to the collection of their services and don’t want to dedicate much resources on setting it up and later maintenance. For such users default configuration is pretty much what they need. If operating system on the server is well configured then Tigase should pickup correct hostname.

Tigase server is designed and implemented to allow dynamic reconfiguration at runtime so there is no need for restarting server each time you want to change a configuration settings.

There are also interfaces and handlers available to make it easy to implement web user interface for server monitoring and configuring. Such user interface will included in one of future releases.