Chapter 80. Installation

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To get server up and running you have to download from our site the most recent version of the binary package.

Unpack it with the following command:

On Unix like system:

tar -xzvf tigase-server-x.x.x-bx.tar.gz

On MS Windows system use any application which can handle either zip files or tar.gz files and unpack server package to selected directory.

Sometimes after unpacking package on unix system startup script doesn’t have execution permissions. To fix the problem you have to run following command:

chmod u+x ./bin/

As there are also other useful scripts you could just set executable bit for all of them at the same time:

chmod u+x ./bin/*

Now all you need is Java 6 (1.6 beta2 at the moment) compliant virtual machine. You can run server from command line with simple command:

./bin/ run etc/tigase.conf

You can see now a few messages with warning about missing configuration file and missin user repository file. These 2 files will be automaticaly created. Config file will be created just during first execution of the server and user repository file will be created when the first user is added to the system.

You should be able now to connect to the server with Jabber/XMPP client of your choice.

First parameter is a command, second parameter is a config file for startup script. Possible commands are:

Config file for startup script simply sets number of environment variables with location of required components. Possible variables to set in this file are:

You can now proceed to configuration section. Although in simple case installations most of default options should be correct sometimes you need to change server domain name if automatic detection didn’t work.