Tigase Development Guide

Tigase Team

Table of Contents

1. Tests
Functional Tests
Performance Tests
Stability Tests
2. Tigase DB Schema Explained
3. Basic Information
Tigase Server Elements
Data, Stanzas, Packets - Data Flow and Processing
4. Why the most recent JDK?
5. Hack Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server in Eclipse
JDK-1.6.0 Setup
Subclipse Installation
Project Import
6. API changes in the Tigase Server 5.x
7. Server Compilation
8. Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 and later - Compilation and Generating Distribution Packages
Distribution Packages
Building Server and Generating Packages
Running Server
9. Tigase Packages Dependency Change - Server Compilation Version 4.x or Later
10. Server Compilation - version 2.x and 3.x
11. Maven 2.x Support
12. A Very Short Maven Guide
Snapshot Compilation and Snapshot Package Generation
Release Compilation, Generation
Generating tar.gz, tar.bz2 File With Sources Only
13. Generating Tigase Installer
14. Plugin Development
15. SASL Custom Mechanisms and Configuration
Basic SASL Configuration
Mechanisms Configuration
CallbackHandler Configuration
Selecting Mechanisms Available in the Stream
Built-in Mechanisms
Custom Mechanisms Development
General Remarks
Known Problems
16. How Packets are Processed by the SM and Plugins
17. Writing Plugin Code
18. Plugin Configuration
19. Component Development
20. Component Implementation - Lesson 1 - Basics
21. Component Implementation - Lesson 2 - Configuration
22. Component Implementation - Lesson 3 - Multi-Threading
23. Component Implementation - Lesson 4 - Service Discovery
24. Component Implementation - Lesson 5 - Statistics
25. Component Implementation - Lesson 6 - Scripting Support
26. Configuration API
Component Startup Sequence
Configuration API
Useful Presets
Global Configuration Settings
27. Packet Filtering in Component
The Packet Filter API
28. Component Implementation - Lesson 8 - Startup Time
29. Component Implementation - Lesson 7 - Data Repository
30. API Description for Virtual Domains Management in the Tigase Server
31. Experimental
32. Dynamic Rosters
Problem Description
Syntax and Semantics
Retrieving Contact Data
Updating/Saving Extra Information About the Contact
33. Mobile Optimizations
Problem Description
Queueing Algorithms
34. Bosh Session Cache
Problem Description
Bosh Session Cache Description
Cache Protocol
Cache Actions
Cache ID
Reserver Cache ID Names
35. Tigase Test Suite
36. Test Suite Scripting Language
37. Writing Tests for Plugins
38. Test Case Parameters Description
Test Report Configuration
Basic Test Parameters
Test Case Parameters