Chapter 8. Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 and later - Compilation and Generating Distribution Packages

Table of Contents

Distribution Packages
Building Server and Generating Packages
Running Server

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Starting with version 5.2.0 Tigase Server we switch for generating distribution packages from Ant to Maven. This will allow better depencency management as well as build repeatability.


A Very Short Maven Guide Maven 2.x Support

Distribution Packages

Starting from version 5.2.0 there will be two separate archives:

  • minimal version (-dist) containing only tigase-server, tigase-xmltools and tigase-utils
  • max version (-dist-max) containing all additional tigase components (MUC, PubSub, HTTP API, OSGi support, etc.) as well as dependencies required by those components.

They will be available as both zip and tarball.